About Us

Computer Repair Extraordinaires and Consultants LLC  was founded in 2011 by Emmanuel Smith Sr. owner and CEO. Mr. Smith brings over 27 years of electrical repair experience and over 17 years of computer repair experience. Mr. Smith received a Business Management Technology and Computer Networking & Maintenance Degrees from the University of Akron. He also has extensive leadership training from his time in the military. He started the company because he noticed that many of the big-name computer repair companies focused  more on selling new devices than repairing broken ones even when it's more feasible to fix a device. By fixing and maintaining devices we're able to save our clients money on a long-term basis while also extending the life of their devices. Unlike some of the big-name competitors we do most of our repairs in-shop. We specialize in exquisite customer service and offer a personable experience to all client. Customers find satisfaction  through the quality of our work mixed with the reliability of our repairs. This is a major factor in sustaining growth as a company and we wish to continue to improve upon these practices while finding new innovative ways to become more efficient at the services we offer.

Company Values

Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Diversity, Growth, Quality, Efficiency, Professionalism 

Mission Statement 

At Computer Repair Extraordinaires & Consultants, LLC our mission is to provide extraordinary services and products to our clients. Quality service is a priority.  We not only strive to satisfy the needs of our clients but also act as resource to the community which we operate in. By offering the consultations, training courses and community enrichment programs we provide the tools needed to excel in information age. This business model allows us to become an elite contributor to the computer repair industry while also enriching the environment which we operate in.